Weekend Work

When one decides to run for an office, that does not get you a pass from your day job. My primary job is stay at home parent so that does afford me some flexibility however getting an uninterrupted stretch of time is difficult. Fortunately my partner and children understand that I am doing this campaign for a greater good. This weekend I set up my studio and did the professional head shots that one expects from a senator.

The picture on the homepage of this website is genuine. It is me. However, the more business suit pictures are also me. I got things done for every employer, I get things done for the school in my role of board member and I plan on getting things done at the capitol.

For now, I plan on leaving the more casual picture as my primary because I want people to elect a person to Senate. One of the things wrong with politics is how we judge and assume based on where you live or your political party. I am not a cookie cutter candidate and I think people should always look at the real candidate. I am your neighbor. I am on the facebook message boards looking out for your lost dog. I absolutely have a suit in the closet and will break it out whenever needed but you should also know me and know I will always be genuine.