Why Run?

After years of visiting the capitol as a parent then a school board member and being politely heard as we beg for funding for our schools and year after year of not moving the dial, I owe it to my community to try harder. The current Senator from this district has had 10 years, I think it is time for a change. Four weeks ago, standing in my yard, socially distantly talking to a friend, she mentioned that the DFL had nobody to run in this district. I cannot deny that the voice in my head that started with a whisper at 7 is now an undeniable scream. Sure, I am starting late, I am running against an incumbent, but those are excuses and we don’t need more excuses we need a change in Minnesota. If not now, when? We need to close the gap, we need to fund schools not prisons, we need to get modern internet out to everyone so we can all participate in our world. Covid19 shone a light on the cracks in the system. I owe it to my kids and yours to run.

The longer story of how I came to run for State Senate; If you ask any of my family or long time friends, they will tell you that I always wanted to run for public office. I fiercely believe in the democratic system, the citizen legislator, and that we each owe the system our service. At the small Catholic school I attended, even the nuns (yes I had nuns) promoted a rigorous civic education. That sense of duty stuck with me. 

For many years my service to the community was small and personal. As a student, I participated in the usual civic clubs, and I earned my Girl Scout Gold award in my senior year of High School. I volunteered in the Civil Air Patrol, where we learned both to fly and to lead, but most often serve, and assisted with numerous disaster relief projects most notably the Flight 800 crash site. 

College emphasized that we owe our greater community a debt and organized service days yearly. I worked with Habitat for Humanity and various other small groups in and around urban Philadelphia. Leaving my small-town world and seeing another state and city opened my eyes to what more we all need to do as a country. After College, I found myself in a position to make a leap and move to Minnesota. I choose to live here, I choose to stay, I choose to raise my family here. 

The path of service never ends, and with children came opportunities to serve my new mom community with our chapter of the MOMS Club (Mother Offering Mothers Support). As diapers turned to school desks I moved on to the PTO, and not long after that my first step into the world of elections and a successful run for School Board. School Board is an important local role that I recommend it to anyone. Seeing the inner workings of professionals with a genuine love for education and children makes you believe in the goodness of humanity. However, seeing them struggle with funding, unfunded mandates, and forever being third or fourth in line makes you want to stand up and fight. 

This, that, all of what is going on is why now is when I stand up and take this giant step.  As a great man said; “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  Dr. MLK

Thank you for reading this far. If you feel moved to help with this campaign, we have a donate and volunteer option and I would certainly appreciate your vote.


The campaign begins

At the County Courthouse..
…with the Candidacy paperwork filed

With the entry fee paid and the paperwork filed, I am now officially on the ballot to be the new Senator for Minnesota Senate District 31.