Our Public Education system is chronically under-funded. The current formula is broken, and there are too many unfunded mandates that pull tight budgets even tighter. The achievement gap in the state needs continued focus and we must acknowledge the growing mental health needs of students. Our current system relies too heavily on local referendums, creating more inequity between regions of the state. We need to invest in our schools, not our prisons.

The senate has chronically voted for funding increases less than the rate of inflation and far less then what is needed.

Infrastructure and internet

Even before Covid19, the need for fast, reliable internet in our district is clear. I want to advocate and attract high speed internet to our more rural communities. With access to higher quality internet, the small business owners, families, and farms can connect with the world and compete on a more level playing field. 

Value Spending

Balanced spending is important enough to merit an entire plank in this platform. I realize that for every program there is a cost, however, there are also consequences for refusing to spend to grow or maintain. I look for the value in every dollar and look for investments that benefit Minnesota long term. 


We cannot ignore the flaws in our system that lead to inequality. There is no easy answer. This will be a series of hard conversations. I promise to listen and consult and consider and work toward a better Minnesota we can all be proud of. No individual should be afraid, limited, or treated as more dangerous because of their skin color.

Pro Choice

I am an adamant defender of Womens Rights. The right to equal pay, vote, and ownership of our bodies. When the government; currently and historically dominated by men, makes a law requiring a woman to carry a child it should make you wonder ‘why’.

I do not believe personal medical decisions should be political.

I prefer to spend my time and energy making a Minnesota where every woman wants to choose to raise a family rather then making laws to shame or force. My competitor has spent her time in senate authoring or supporting laws to limit access, vilify, and outright deny the medical procedure to women.

Hunting, Fishing, and Firearms

Most things in my world circle back to Education. I believe in responsible ownership of guns with permits and education focused on safety and security.