November 4, 2020

First and foremost, Thank you to all of you who voted for me, over 14 THOUSAND people. These are people who believe we need a more just society and are willing to stand up against the majority in SD31. Thank you to all those who gave their time, their encouragement, and their donations to support this effort.

I learned a lot from this first race and I hope you will be with me as we move forward. If it were easy, it would already be done, hard things are worth fighting for. Finally, thank you, Senator Michelle Benson. While we don’t agree on everything your desire to serve that we both hold in high esteem is admirable. This was a clean campaign and I appreciate that.

We all wait to see how things turn out at a federal level and we turn to the work we can do now to help our communities.


2 weeks left

In the final count down to the election, I reflect on all I have learned and all I hope to do for the people of Minnesota. I believe in a center view, we must come together and work for the good of all.

I see the needs of business from my years in production and my MBA studies.

I see the needs of schools from my years on the school board and tenure as a parent.

I see the needs of the environment, civil rights, equity, growth, tradition, freedom of religion, and our many varied expressions of rugged individualism.

We should not be pitched against each other, we should be working together, and that is what I will do at the state capitol. Elect me, I am ready to lead.

(originally posted on LinkedIn)


Catching up

Dear public political diary,

I has been 127 days since I started this race and now I truly know why it is called a “race” because it is a frantic pace. Everyone I see asks “how is the race going” and I’m sure since you are here reading this, you are also wondering. My very honest reply is “I don’t know”. I have nothing to compare to and there are no polls for races like this but I can say we are keeping busy and learning a ton, totally worth all the effort.

The physical presence of a candidate is something concrete that is easy to talk about. To that end, I have small signs scattered near and far, and BIG signs going up strategically. For what you glance at on the side of the road for a moment there is a ton of behind the scenes work. Designing and ordering to obtaining permissions and delivering, signs can be a full-time job.

What do I do as a candidate during a pandemic to meet people? Well, I’ve decided to just go see what I can see in every part of the district. Besides the solo runs I’ve done, I’m inviting supporters to meet up in various locations to chat. Sometimes I wave at people driving by in what I call a “standing still parade”. Driving, seeing what is out there, seeing what style houses and farms, and the condition of the roads and what store (or lack of) gives me a sense of who I represent. As a senator, my job is to represent all the people, not just those that are like me. I’m pretty good at being me, I work on understanding all the various views and needs out there, and physically going places helps tremendously.

Have you gotten a phone call asking for your support? Just so you know, in local races those are real people not robots calling and I’ve called hundreds of people personally. I don’t get through to many but it does make me feel like I’m doing something! Pro tip – if you vote (early in-person or return a mail ballot) your name is pulled off the list.

Last but not least, we can never forget the time spent sitting at a computer. Researching topics, creating mailings, posting on sites, replying to surveys, every endorsement I have earned came with 4-6 meetings and all of it WORTH IT. The amount I’ve learned in the past 127 days is equal to any semester in grad school. It is the ultimate self-directed learning project ever. I am reminded of Bob Birdseye, famous for frozen food, he is an infinitely interesting man; as an example, he saw waste in food spoilage and not only created the concept of freezing excess crop at peak time, he then invented a way to flash freeze at the field, then, ways to ship and then built and distributed freezers to stores so they could sell frozen food and improved the design of home freezers enough to make them affordable for a family – all because he saw hungry people and wasted food and knew with enough work he could bridge that gap. He is a man that never saw a rabbit hole he did not fully explore.

I see issues with our education system so I am taking the steps, even the crazy big ones, to attempt to fix them for all kids in Minnesota. As I dig in I’m finding similar situations with nearly every topic, there are no easy answers just hard work, research, and listening to all sides to try to move to a better system for us all.

Every day I feel more ready for this, it is the sprint to the end, and win or not on election day I’m ready for what is next. I have a plan A and a plan B and I’m excited for either one.


Lawn Sign update

We are rocking and rolling with signs and have upgraded our system from our first google form to a new and better google form!

If you are interested in hosting a Kate sign, please click and we can take care of it. The new link also includes other sign options including BidenHarris and a few other DFL down ticket canidates.

Speaking of down ticket… In a presidential race year all the focus is on the top two. Yes, this is a high stress year for the top job in America. Our state is a battle ground and your vote matters to the whole country. However, our US Constitution designates MANY rights and responsibilities to the States and yes, your vote for president matters, but, your vote for district senate and house will most likely impact you personally. If you are reading this you are probably already aware of all this, please talk to a friend or neighbor about the importance of voting for the local and state jobs.


Lawn Signs HERE

Those printers delivered! The signs look great and we got them out to our first host lawns over the weekend. We are ready for delivery or pickup now.


Yard Signs!

  • Designed
  • Reviewed
  • Sent to a Union Printer

Want to host one on your lawn? Looking for yards or great intersections, please sign up below


Weekend Work

When one decides to run for an office, that does not get you a pass from your day job. My primary job is stay at home parent so that does afford me some flexibility however getting an uninterrupted stretch of time is difficult. Fortunately my partner and children understand that I am doing this campaign for a greater good. This weekend I set up my studio and did the professional head shots that one expects from a senator.

The picture on the homepage of this website is genuine. It is me. However, the more business suit pictures are also me. I got things done for every employer, I get things done for the school in my role of board member and I plan on getting things done at the capitol.

For now, I plan on leaving the more casual picture as my primary because I want people to elect a person to Senate. One of the things wrong with politics is how we judge and assume based on where you live or your political party. I am not a cookie cutter candidate and I think people should always look at the real candidate. I am your neighbor. I am on the facebook message boards looking out for your lost dog. I absolutely have a suit in the closet and will break it out whenever needed but you should also know me and know I will always be genuine.


“Running” for senate

Last night the box containing my brand new t-shirts arrived. I could not wait so I ran a couple miles in my home town of Columbus. My goal is to run a mile in every precinct of the district, it is the socially distant version of door knocking.

Is there a place you think I should visit and run a mile? Comment or contact us.


Fundraising, 1/3 to the goal

Nobody ever likes to ask for money from people. It is however a necessary part of a campaign.

With a positive outlook, there are some good things, here is my list so far

  1. I am 1/3 there already thanks to friends and family and a few loyal party members
  2. Minnesota has created a funding program where if you are a MN resident the first $50 you donate WILL BE REFUNDED so in a way it is more a loan and that is easier to ask for.
    • I particularly like this program because it is risk-free for citizens to get involved in government. We should be of the people, not of the rich or of the corporations/interest groups.
  3. If this campaign raises $3000 (in $50 increments) by July 20 the campaign will get a public subsidy that will basically make further fundraising unnecessary for the level race that is likely in this district
    • This is great because if we don’t have to worry about endless fundraisers we can actually dig into issues and debates and things that actually matter in a race – not who can outspend whom.

There are definite issues if I do not get to the 3,000 goal

  1. I would not get the public subsidy
  2. I will have to raise money regardless or eliminate tools for this election reducing my chances even more.

My opponent started with money in the bank, earning this public subsidy is important to make a good run at this.

Please donate, $50 per adult will be refunded by the state, that is a great deal for us all. It is even more awesome if you can share this message, I need to reach 40 people who can afford to float $50 for a couple weeks. The countdown is on, I hate the pressure but if I miss it, it is just gone.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Public Subsidy due date


Successful Launch

Monday has always been a favorite day of the week for me. It is a fresh new week, a time to get going, a whole seven days of opportunity. When things lined up to launch on a Monday I was all smiles.

For the past month all the work on this campaign has been behind the scenes. Learning, asking, researching all to get to the Go Live moment and it did not disappoint. In the first day we gained 50+ people on Facebook, raised over $500, and a good start building our list.

The day before launch I took some time with the family to explore Rum River. We paddled nearly 11 miles total in a gorgeous tunnel of trees, wild flowers, and butterflies. It was not the exact course we were supposed to take, we completely missed the original stop point, but I am glad we had that extra time, you never now what adventure will fall in your lap.

what is around the river bend?

The next few months will be just as exciting and full of the unexpected. I plan on getting out as much as possible, meeting people and hearing your stories. Thank You for your support so far and please share my site so I can reach as many as possible.