Lawn Sign update

We are rocking and rolling with signs and have upgraded our system from our first google form to a new and better google form!

If you are interested in hosting a Kate sign, please click and we can take care of it. The new link also includes other sign options including BidenHarris and a few other DFL down ticket canidates.

Speaking of down ticket… In a presidential race year all the focus is on the top two. Yes, this is a high stress year for the top job in America. Our state is a battle ground and your vote matters to the whole country. However, our US Constitution designates MANY rights and responsibilities to the States and yes, your vote for president matters, but, your vote for district senate and house will most likely impact you personally. If you are reading this you are probably already aware of all this, please talk to a friend or neighbor about the importance of voting for the local and state jobs.

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