Fundraising, 1/3 to the goal

Nobody ever likes to ask for money from people. It is however a necessary part of a campaign.

With a positive outlook, there are some good things, here is my list so far

  1. I am 1/3 there already thanks to friends and family and a few loyal party members
  2. Minnesota has created a funding program where if you are a MN resident the first $50 you donate WILL BE REFUNDED so in a way it is more a loan and that is easier to ask for.
    • I particularly like this program because it is risk-free for citizens to get involved in government. We should be of the people, not of the rich or of the corporations/interest groups.
  3. If this campaign raises $3000 (in $50 increments) by July 20 the campaign will get a public subsidy that will basically make further fundraising unnecessary for the level race that is likely in this district
    • This is great because if we don’t have to worry about endless fundraisers we can actually dig into issues and debates and things that actually matter in a race – not who can outspend whom.

There are definite issues if I do not get to the 3,000 goal

  1. I would not get the public subsidy
  2. I will have to raise money regardless or eliminate tools for this election reducing my chances even more.

My opponent started with money in the bank, earning this public subsidy is important to make a good run at this.

Please donate, $50 per adult will be refunded by the state, that is a great deal for us all. It is even more awesome if you can share this message, I need to reach 40 people who can afford to float $50 for a couple weeks. The countdown is on, I hate the pressure but if I miss it, it is just gone.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Public Subsidy due date

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