Successful Launch

Monday has always been a favorite day of the week for me. It is a fresh new week, a time to get going, a whole seven days of opportunity. When things lined up to launch on a Monday I was all smiles.

For the past month all the work on this campaign has been behind the scenes. Learning, asking, researching all to get to the Go Live moment and it did not disappoint. In the first day we gained 50+ people on Facebook, raised over $500, and a good start building our list.

The day before launch I took some time with the family to explore Rum River. We paddled nearly 11 miles total in a gorgeous tunnel of trees, wild flowers, and butterflies. It was not the exact course we were supposed to take, we completely missed the original stop point, but I am glad we had that extra time, you never now what adventure will fall in your lap.

what is around the river bend?

The next few months will be just as exciting and full of the unexpected. I plan on getting out as much as possible, meeting people and hearing your stories. Thank You for your support so far and please share my site so I can reach as many as possible.

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